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> I agree with your post. You write very well. My mother had a living will. She was to have no extraordinary measures taken to keep her alive. She wanted pain killers only. She died from liver failure and probably morphine. Two of my Uncles took their own lives while they were still able to do so. The Hemlock Society( I don't recall their new name) is basicaly right however they and De. Kavorkian have sometimes gone to extremes.
> L. Roger Falen, a Goldwater type libertarian conservative.
> P.S. Goldwater's first wife(Peggy) was one of the founders of Planed ParentHood in Phoenix.
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> > J. Ford tells us that Doug Wilson says:
> > 
> > "In my view, now that all legal and constitutional appeals have been  
> > exhausted ... the authorities in Florida will not in able to say, "Well, > we  
> > did everything we could do, and now we just have to let her die." They ha> ve  
> > not yet done everything they can do. Governor Bush now has a moral  
> > responsibility to send the National Guard to the hospital and have Terri  
> > Schiavo's feeding tube reattached."
> > 
> > 
> > As many Barry Goldwater (as opposed to theocratic, religious right) conse> rvatives have observed over the past week, if you genuinely believe in th> e "sure and certain hope of the resurrection," then how is it that Terri > Shiavo's death is an absolute evil, and her life (and by life what they m> ean in Mrs. Shiavo's case is 15 years in a persistent vegetative state) a> n absolute good?   
> > 
> > Make no mistake: Terri Shiavo's case is tragic.  I don't think slowly sta> rving to death is a kind or humane way to end any life.  If Mrs. Shiavo's>  husband and parents could have found some common ground; if Jeb Bush, an> d George Bush, and the Florida courts, and the Florida legislature, and t> he US Congress, and the federal courts had not stuck their enormous feet > into the open door created by this family rift -- and by the willingness > by some in the Pro-Life movment to exploit Mrs. Schiavo and her family fo> r political gain -- then perhaps she could have died with dignity.  Perha> ps the feeding tube could have been removed, and she could have been give> n increasing doses of morphine until she was quietly and kindly "snowed" > into the hereafter.   
> > 
> > These life and death decisions are made quietly and privately by families>  and physicians every day.  This is how my own grandfather died in 2001, > when he was ten days shy of his 82nd birthday.  He was in the hospital in>  Raleigh, NC; he had pneumonia, an unidentified mass on his left lung, ha> d suffered for nearly a decade from senile dementia, and he had, in the h> ospital, fallen into a coma.  My mother, my sisters, and I all agreed tha> t the best treatment for him was purely palliative care.  No invasive pro> cedures.  No biopsy on his lung.  (Though this was suggested by one docto> r, we pointed out that my grandfather had smoked two packs a day for 67 y> ears, so we really didn't need a biopsy to know what the mass was.)  No f> eeding tube.  No resuscitation.  No heroic measures.  Just enough morphin> e to ensure that he felt no pain, and his family to hold his hand and tal> k to him and reassure him that we loved him, and we believed that he woul> d find pea!
 ce and
> with a kind and loving God.  We're a religiously ec> lectic bunch, but we all agreed on that much.
> > 
> > I don't know what I would do if I were Terri Shiavo's husband or her pare> nts.  But I do know that I sure as hell wouldn't want Jeb Bush marching t> he National Guard into my wife's or daughter's hospital room and ordering>  some poor nurse at gunpoint to reinsert a feeding tube.  Welcome to the > Wilson-Jones Vision of the World -- big government, but only in the servi> ce of a theocratic police state.  How completely and utterly repugnant.
> > 
> > And, dare I say it, how profoundly un-American.
> > 
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