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Monday, March 21, 2004
7:00 p.m.

City Hall Council Chambers, 

206 East Third Street, 2nd Floor

The Moscow Mayor and City Council welcomes you to tonight's meeting.  We
appreciate and encourage public participation.  For regular agenda
items, an opportunity for public comment is sometimes provided after the
staff report.  However, the formality of procedures varies with the
purpose and subject of the agenda item; therefore, the Mayor may
exercise discretion in deciding when to allow public comment during the
course of the proceedings and limitations will be placed on the time
allowed for comments.  Citizens wishing to comment on business which is
not on the agenda will be provided the opportunity to do so as item
number 2 after the Consent Agenda.  If you plan to address the Council,
you will find a list of "Tips for Addressing the Council" on the table
outside the City Council Chambers.  Thank you for your interest in City




1.         Consent Agenda:  Any item will be removed from the consent
agenda at the request of any Councilmember and that item will be
considered separately later.  Approval by roll call vote.


A.        Approval of Minutes of March 7, 2005 - Stephanie Kalasz


B.         Approval of Disbursement Report for February 2005 - Don

Public Works/Finance Committee reviewed accounts payable for February
2005 and recommends approval of the following:





HUD Reserve


Parks & Rec


1912 Center




Water Fund


Sewer Fund




Fleet Mgmt Fund


WWTP Construction


Capital Projects


LID Construction


Hamilton P&R


Bond & Interest


LID Special Assessment





C.         Weed Spray Agreement - Mike McGahan

One of the annual programs undertaken by the Street Department is the
spraying of noxious weeds on property maintained by the Public Works
Department.  In order to accomplish this task the Department solicits
bids from interested applicators.  This year one quote was received from
the firm of Shull Brothers of Moscow.  Shull Brothers has done the weed
spraying services for the last several years and has successfully
completed the obligations of the contract in a careful and courteous
manner.  The bid from Shull Brothers for the 2005 Weed Spraying contract
is $9,026.16 which is the same amount as the 2004 contract.  Reviewed by
the Administrative Committee on March 14, 2005.


ACTION:  Approve agreement.


            D.        Renewal Leases for 1912 Center (ARC / RSVP) -
Dwight Curtis

Staff is requesting approval for renewal of tenant use agreements with
RSVP and ARC for 1912 Building space. Changes to the expiring agreements
are 1) the dates of use and, 2) noting that the tenants must follow City
alcohol use regulations.  For both applicants, the use period is for 18
months, effective April 1, 2005 through September 30, 2006. At the
request of the Administrative Committee, a review of all use agreements
for the 1912 Center will be conducted to ensure consistency with
upcoming City guidelines.  Reviewed by the Administrative Committee on
March 14, 2005.


                        ACTION:  Approve leases for ARC and RSVP. 


2.         Public Comment Period - For members of the Public to speak to
the Council regarding matters NOT on the Agenda and not currently
pending before the Planning and Zoning Commission or Board of
Adjustment, please state your name and address for the record and limit
remarks to three minutes.  Time limit 15 minutes.


3.         Presentation of CAFR Award by Keith Johnson, State Controller


4.         Southgate 2nd Addition Rezone & Preliminary Plat - Joel

JEMCA, LLC (Mike Salisbury) requests Rezoning and Preliminary Plat
approval for Southgate 2nd Addition located East of White Avenue and
South of Joseph Street.  The Planning and Zoning Commission conducted a
public hearing on February 23, 2005 and recommended approval of these
applications with conditions.  The total project area is approximately
25 acres.  It was annexed and zoned in January 2004, but the applicant
proposes amendments deemed to be more consistent with the "arterial" and
"collector" street status of White Avenue and Joseph Street,


ACTION:    Approve the Ordinances under suspension of the rules
requiring three complete and separate readings and that it be read by
title only; or reject the Ordinance; or take such other action deemed
appropriate.  Approve preliminary plat; reject preliminary plat; or take
such other action deemed appropriate.


5.         Alturas / Thompson ROW Vacation - Les MacDonald

The owner of the property that dedicated the right of way located south
and southeast of the Alturas Park Subdivision No. 1 and south of the
proposed Alturas Park Subdivision No. 2 has requested that the right of
way be vacated.  In the event that the vacation is granted, it is
anticipated that the property would revert to this original owner as it
all originated from the Thompson parcel.  A Development Agreement has
been prepared between the City and the Thompsons outlining conditions to
be met in the event that the existing street right of way is vacated.
Conditions include that a new right of way for an east - west arterial
street be dedicated in a new location as approved by the City prior to
any development of the property.  Reviewed by the Public Works/Finance
Committee on March 14, 2005.


ACTION:  Approve ROW vacation with Development Agreement conditions.


6.         Williams/Hall Family Trust Lot Division - Joel Plaskon

David Williams, Hall Family Trust, and Christ Church requests lot
division approval to create a 7.74 acre parcel of land (currently owned
by Christ Church) from a 39.76 acre parcel of land owned by David
Williams/Hall Family Trust in the Area of City Impact.  The subject
property is adjacent to City limits, addressed as 2700 East "D" Street
and located in the Agriculture Forestry (AF) Zoning District.  City
plans call for future extensions of "D" Street, Third Street and "F"
Street into the subject property as future collector and arterial
streets.  Parkland dedication is not required for the AF Zoning
District.  On March 14, 2005, the Public Works/Finance Committee
reviewed this matter and recommended conditional approval and requested
additional information about a future easterly extension of Paradise
Path along the south edge of the subject land.  Staff will discuss the
path matter at the Council meeting.  Reviewed by the Public
Works/Finance Committee on March 14, 2005.


            ACTION:  Recommend that Latah County Board of Commissioners
approve requested lot division; recommend that Latah County Board of
Commissioners reject requested lot division; or take other such action
as deemed appropriate.


7.         Blackwood Addition Final Plat - Joel Plaskon

Alan Slonaker owns ten (10) acres of land on the north side of Mountain
View Road in the R-1 Zoning District.  The City Council approved the
Preliminary Plat on December 20, 2004.  The Planning and Zoning
Commission recommended approval of the Final Plat conditioned upon
dedication of an additional ten feet of right-of-way along the
property's frontage on Mountain View Road for future widening of the
road as per item #2 in Les MacDonald's February 18, 2005 memorandum.
The Final Plat is consistent with the Preliminary Plat approval and
includes fifteen (15) lots averaging slightly less than one-half (1/2)
acre in size.  Reviewed by the Public Works/Finance Committee on March
14, 2005.


            ACTION:  Approval the Final Plat; or reject the Final Plat;
or take other such action deemed appropriate.


8.         Presentation of Audited 2004 Comprehensive Annual Financial
Report - Don Palmer/Presnell-Gage

            The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the
fiscal year ending September 30, 2004 is being submitted for City
Council's review.  Significant changes from last year's report will be


            ACTION:   Accept audit report.


9.         Downtown Project Bid Award - Les MacDonald

Bids were opened on Tuesday, March 1, 2005 for the Moscow Downtown
Revitalization Project.  Brown Contracting and Development, Inc. from
Spokane, Washington was the sole bidder on the project.  Their bid was
as follows:  Base Bid (Friendship Square and ADA improvements) $467,008;
Alternate #1 (Jefferson Street Parking Lot) $82,800; Alternate #2 (City
Hall Sidewalks) $35,431.50; Alternate #3 (Police Station Sidewalks)
$43,099; total cost $628,338.50.  The grant funding available for the
construction component of this project is $56,759 below the amount of
the base bid.  Through a combination of cost reductions and
identification of additional funding, the budget and the base contract
price appear compatible.  Based on these efforts, staff recommends the
award of the base bid portion of the contract to Brown Contracting and
Development in the amount of $467,008.  The alternates shall not be
executed with this contract.  Reviewed by the Public Works/Finance
Committee on March 14, 2005.


            ACTION:  Award bid to Brown Contracting and Development in
the amount of $467,008.


10.        Hillside Village Apartments Development Agreement - Les

Moscow Development Limited Partnership of Boise is soon to construct a
low-income housing complex at 1126 North Polk known as Hillside Village
Apartments.  Public improvements consisting of curb, sidewalk, pavement
widening and ditch relocation along the property's approximately 400
feet of Polk Street frontage plus installation of 1835 feet of public
water main are required.  The proposed Development Agreement is to allow
issuance of a building permit.  Reviewed by Public Works / Finance
Committee on March 14, 2005.


ACTION:  Approve the Agreement as proposed and authorize the Mayor's
signature thereon; or take such other action deemed appropriate.


Mayor's Appointments




            Administrative Committee

            Public Works/Finance Committee

            Other Boards & Commissions


EXECUTIVE SESSION - Legal Issue - Pursuant to Idaho Code Section




NOTICE:  Individuals attending the meeting who require special
assistance to accommodate physical, hearing, or other impairments,
please contact the City Clerk, at (208) 883-7015 or TDD 883-7019, as
soon as possible so that arrangements may be made.



Stephanie Kalasz

Moscow City Clerk

(208) 883-7015


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