[Vision2020] Worst Song of the 70's

Dan Carscallen predator75 at moscow.com
Thu Mar 10 08:03:27 PST 2005

ug, revisited?  That's gonna be a Fogerty-less concert.  
Still good tunes, though.

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I don't know about my worst song.  But, I know where I will be on April




I done got my tickets and hotel reservations.






Tom "I'm not a fortunate son" Hansen

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"Some folks are born silver spoon in hand,

Lord, don't they help themselves

But when the tax man comes to the door,

Lord the house looks like a rummage sale."


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A good friend will come and bail you out of jail.  But a true friend
will be
sitting next to you saying, "Damn . . . that was fun!"


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