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Joan Opyr auntiestablishment at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 1 10:08:18 PST 2005

Scott writes:

"As for the blogs, no one is forcing you to read them.  I don't like Doug's blog so
I don't spend much time reading it.  Nor do I spend much time on Joan's or Tom's."

FYI, I do not have a blog, a fact which I announce on the first page of my website.  I do not have a blog because I think that writers' blogs are universally boring.  No one wants to hear about the endless trials and tribulations of those who write for a living and, consequently, who feel perpetually unappreciated.  (This describes all writers, from the wildly famous to the doomed-to-remain unknown.  We are all hopeless egomaniacs, and so reading a writer's blog is like being sucked into a black hole.  Once inside a writer's selfish mind, you can't escape without climbing gear and a cherry-picker, so it's best to stay away from the edge.)   

No -- no writer's blog for me.  What I have instead is a shamelessly self-promoting satirical site that offers a gateway to my columns, essays, novels, etc.  There are also a couple of parodies on the site -- La Kirka Nostra being, at present, the most infamous -- but there is also The Church of Auntie Establishment, home to the Tacky Merchandise link, From Queer to Eternity, and several other items of very little theological interest  I'm sorry that Scott doesn't spend a lot of time there, but as 5000 other people have hit it since September, I suppose that my own insatiable ego will survive.

As for Dale's blog, I read it only when someone draws my attention to some egregious misrepresentation of fact, i.e., his claim that School Board member Keely Emerine Mix supported a $90 million dollar school facilities bond (a claim that Dale refused to retract despite being confronted with firm evidence to the contrary and being asked repeatedly to correct his error).  So, Scott, if you're reading Dale for his collection of factual information, I would advise you to caveat emptor.  He also cocked up his coverage of the recent MCA meeting regarding the Chamber of Commerce Memorandum of Understanding with the Moscow City Council.  Melynda has offered her opinion on that, both privately and publicly, and I addressed it briefly last week on The Auntie Establishment and Brother Carl Show.

But that was another country, and besides, the wench is dead . . .

Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment
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