[Vision2020] RE: Who's calling the kettle black now!

keely emerinemix kjajmix1 at msn.com
Tue Jun 21 09:17:28 PDT 2005

Oops, I meant to send this to Vision2020, not just Mr. Farris and Tom Hansen 


Mr. Farris should reread my post.  Plagiarism on Dr. King's part wasn't the 
subject; neither was plagiarism on anyone else's part.  If it were, we'd 
have much to discuss.  The subjects seemed clear enough and I'll outline 
them for him, as he evidently was not privileged of the time or context to 
understand them:

1.  Juneteenth is a good thing
2.  I will help with the program next year
3.  In a community where some of the loudest voices decry abolition and 
apologize for slavery, it is not surprising that Juneteenth was not terribly 
well-attended or enthusiastically sponsored.
4.  I hope that changes.
5.  Killen, if he is guilty of the charges against him, is not worthy to be 
called a preacher of the gospel.

I'm glad for the opportunity to clear things up for him.


From: Doug Farris <heirloom at moscow.com>

: thansen at moscow.com, kjajmix1 at msn.com
Subject: Who's calling the kettle black now!
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 22:25:35 -0700

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