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Linda Pall lpall at moscow.com
Sun Jun 19 16:17:28 PDT 2005

Dear Visionaries,

A friend alerted me to a misunderstanding that made its way onto Vision 2020 about the Virtues project. The project is NOT sectarian and not religiously based. My response below paraphrases information from the writings of Linda Kavelin Popov and, I hope, carries some of the spirit and inspiration she brings to this important work.

The Virtues Project was honored as a model global program for families of all cultures by the United Nations Secretariat during the International Year of the Family.

The Virtues Project is not about the practices or beliefs of any particular religion. It's founded on the wisdom of the world's diverse cultures to bring out the best within us: courage, honor, justice, integrity, respect, tact, kindness and all the rest.

The Virtues Project does not take on the values debate that can offend people of diverse belief systems, including religious and non-religious. Instead, this program shows how to inspire the virtues in our children, our friends and co-workers, even our elected and appointed officials! Every parent, myself included, whether part of a religious tradition or with no religious association whatever, wants his or her child to develop the integrity of their character.

The Virtues Project gives us skills and methods to help us recognize and enhance the virtues that are the content of our character, to act on the best within us. We hope our trained community mentors will be able to help with citizen participation issues throughout the community and the schools on topics as different as zoning and school siting to growth and economic development preferences. 

The Moscow Human Rights Commission is asking that the City be a leading partner, with the School District, the University of Idaho, Latah County, the business community, many non-profit groups and our partners in Pullman, to develop a program for creating a culture of character.

The Moscow Human Rights Commission looks forward to being an integral part of this important initiative! Please join us. You can contact MHRC chair Toney Driver (driver at moscow.com) to let him know you're interested or send me a message off-line. We'll keep you posted.

All the best and hope to see you Monday night at the City Council meeting,

Linda Pall
Moscow City Council Member
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