[Vision2020] Ignorancy of Tim Rigsby, Julie C and Tom Hansen concerning CJ's security system

Pat Kraut pkraut at moscow.com
Thu Jun 16 21:01:26 PDT 2005

"And you've never, ever given your phone number out at anytime in your life, to someone you didn't know that well?"

No, I never have! Now you might think that makes my life dull but, I assure it isn't. I believe businesses are caught in a tough situation what with all the illegal stuff going on. They will get into trouble with the law if they have someone drinking who is underage...but how to make sure they don't let someone illegal in the place?? Tough decisions to be made. Your right there are few secrets on the web now but I am not sure how far we need to let it go. I can tell you that when I had to call 911 once I would have been very happy if they had a system to identify me without my having to pull myself together and know where I was. So, once again I have a feeling that I am happier not being on the committee to make the decisions about what type of security to buy.

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  Come on, you guys--as if you don't think your Social Security Number is out.  I was looking at my friend's application for Office Depot, where they require your SSN on each form of the application.  As if you didn't know that people's SSN numbers (even yours!) can be sold over the internet for as little as 6 dollars.  As if the government doesn't even know who you are.  As if Phil and Shelly "really" want to know your past histories--they don't!  They want to protect their clients!
  Let's see, though...do each of you know how many sex offenders live next to you?  Or aware of whom you're talking to in any bar you go to?  You certainly seemed concerned of Phil and Shelly, who are aware of issues going on in the computer and run a successful business, should have the information in a system that they had to have clearence to even "have", but you're not concerned that your phone numbers are listed in public areas where anyone can have access to your homes--Yahoo directory, the white pages, UI member directory, should you be college students. I found out one of my friends parents' addresses and typed in into Yahoo--and it came up with the exact location of the house on a map!  It's not as if anything is secret.
  And I don't quite believe that any of you have ever been drunk and never given your phone number out.  Julie said she was so scared she left.  Really?  And you've never, ever given your phone number out at anytime in your life, to someone you didn't know that well?  Not as if, in this age of technology, he couldn't get your phone number anyway.  All that people have to know is your last name.
  And Tim and Tom--have you ever watched your rearview mirror to make sure no one followed you home from the bars?  If you haven't, well, then, anyone can and it's not CJ's fault, or any bar's fault for that matter.  And you guys have never in your whole life asked the phone number from a cute girl and never received it?  Well, you don't have to answer the last part.  I assure you--it won't be on your driver's license, and thus, CJ's won't know about it....;)
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