[Vision2020] CJ's Security System

TIM RIGSBY tim.rigsby at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 16 15:44:53 PDT 2005


I was informed recenlty about the new security feature at CJ's night club.  
As I was told, this new service takes the patrons ID and scans the 
information into a laptop computer that sits right next to the door.  Not 
only does it take the information off of the ID, a camera located somewhere 
near by also takes your picture as you walk in.

After hearing this I had to check it out.  Since I have only been to the 
joint maybe five times in my college career, I would have never discovered 
this.  This should be a cause for concern for the residents of Moscow, 
especially the college population since recording personal information off 
of ID cards is not my idea of safety.

I appluad Phil and Shelly for trying to make Moscow a safer place when kids 
are drunk but I am a little concerned with the idea of recording the 
information of the patrons that enter their bar.  I think that students and 
patrons of CJ's should be slightly concerned about this ID scanning machine 
and I hope Phil and Shelly can inform the public about this process in more 

It seems to me that by recording the information of your patrons who may not 
otherwise know what the machine is doing, is a sort of invasion of privacy.

Since I don't know how the system works, all I can do is hypothesize about 
the potential implications surrounding such a service.

Based upon my scanned entry into CJ's, I noticed that the machine recorded 
my name, address, phone number, picture, and the frequency of visits to CJ's 
by me.  I can only assume based upon this experience that this machine just 
created a file with my name on it and everytime I enter the bar, it will 
notify CJ's about my presence.  Since I have nothing to worry about being in 
CJ's, other than who would see me there, I really should not be concerned.  
However, such a display of information gathering equipment makes me feel a 
little uneasy.  CJ's does not need to know my name, address, phone number, 
or frequency of attendance in order to better serve my needs.  They serve my 
needs just fine, if my needs were to get drunk and listen to crappy kareoke, 
without the added personal information.  A friend of mine, not from Idaho, 
has her Social Security number on her ID card as required by the state of 
issue.  Now that she has entered CJ's can we assume that her SS number is 
also on file?

It seems to me that Phil and Shelly have some explaining to do about this 
new service that they require.


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