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Doug is begging so hard to play  ball, I'll let him in for one  inning.  
Prior to Doug's turn at bat he accused members of the city  council of conducting 
ex parte communications.  He,  himself lettered in that sport.
On April 27, 2005 Doug appeared before the County Commissioners (minus Paul  
Kimmel, who just happened to be out of town) in an attempt to bully Tom  
Stroschein and Jack Nelson. He did not notify Saundra Lund or I that he  would be 
discussing us, nor did he notify the Commissioners what he wished  to discuss. 
 He just opened his mouth and vomited threats.  His  contention, as usual, is 
that his church is being singled out for unfair  treatment.  You know, the 
kind of treatment where people don't get a  property tax exemptions if they run 
a million dollar publishing business out of  a church owned building.  
In part his testimony reads.....
DW:   " If that is the case and if there are  people in town who have had a 
very public vendetta against us for personal or  ideological reasons of their 
own, my concern, which I wanted to express to you  all, face to face, is that 
the mechanism of the law not be used, or not be  allowed to be used as a cats 
paw for fulfilling personal, settling personal  scores.  That sort of thing, it 
 appears to me would be a flagrant example of applying the law selectively.  
So in other words the exclusive use, the  particular interpretation of 
exclusive use that you all decided on in the last  go round is now in appeal.  That  
understanding of exclusive use must apply to all tax exempt entities in  
Moscow or  Latah  County and not just to those entities  that have me sitting on 
the board...... 
But I think we should all agree  that the law should not just be applied to 
those who are the brunt of the  animosity of a handful of people in town who 
want to run ‘em out of town and who  want to use the zoning requirements, the 
Latah County commissioners or the Board  of Adjustors, the Idaho State Attorney 
General, there was a complaint filed  against me there on another thing.  I 
don't think that that should be – I think that should be recognized and  I 
wanted to appear before you face to face and  tell you face to face that that is my 
 fundamental concern.  I  think it opens Latah  County up to a great deal of 
exposure if the law is applied selectively in that way and I simply wanted to  
tell you that.... 
I guess the thing I wanted to say  is that monsters don't shrink when you 
feed them. And I believe it is your  responsibility to not just look at the 
letter of the law, what’s going on in the  law but also to look at the town and see 
what’s happening in town.  The animosity, the ideological agenda  that’s 
directed against us is open, public the archives of vision 2020 are there  for 
anybody to read and the last two years have been our adversaries have been  
overt about what they want to do; they want to run us out of town and they are  
using every device that they can get their hands on to do that .... 
So, I'm certainly not going to  illustrate the unjustice of it by filing a 
similar complaint against the  Presbyterian Church across the street or you 
know, I'm not going to do that. But  the fact remains that there is a de facto 
situation on the ground where a year  later the tax exemptions that has been 
removed has been from our two entities  the next two that are  threatened  are are 
two entities that I sit on the board of and I just wouldn't  want Latah 
County to make a very expensive mistake.  And that’s why I wanted to  appear.  I 
didn't want to  necessarily, I know that this is not the venue for going into 
all the details of  it." 
(emphasize added) 
By the way, this little  communication is an excellent example of Doug Speak, 
for those who aren't  familiar with it.  He appears in front of the county on 
a day that his  congregation member , Paul Kimmel, is not there.  That is no  
accident.  He says he won't file property tax exemptions against  the 
Presbyterians,   (Note to readers:  Doug rarely does his own  dirty work anyhow. He 
leads from the rear.)  Doug said he wouldn't file  property tax complaints, he 
didn't mention the zoning complaints waiting  in the wings to be filed by his 
son, Nathan, and Nate's sidekick, Aaron Rench  (both NSA graduates and 
employed by Christ Church).   
Oh, back to the T ball  game,  Sorry, fans.  Doug was caught cheating and 
thrown off the  field.  And guess what, he was kicking and screaming the whole 
way about  how he was being discriminated against.     
Rose Huskey 
"Devil colic the wame o’ ye, fause thief; daur ye say leas in my  lug?"  
Jenny  Geddes 
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