[Vision2020] W. Mark Felt, hero or heel?

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Mark Felt was probably nether a heel or a hero. I think he would come closer to being a hero though. From what i've read I would not say the same for his daughter. There is a world of difference between the breakins he authorized and the Watergate burglery. His were is pursuit of known criminals. The watergate burglery was for political reasons only. G. Gordan Liddy says he should have taken his evidence to a Grand Jury. Under the circumstances that was probably not practical. The mentality of it being dishonorable to "rat on any one" is a Mafia mentality. Sometimes there is no other way to expose corruption other than going to the papers. There are dishonorable Whistleblowers who reveal only petty things intended to embarrass some one. But by and large Whistle Blowers are close to saints.  Whistle blowers risk a lot and usually go thew hell for bringing corruption to light. For the sake of integrity this is the only honorable thing to do.
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> I agree with you, Joan.
> Mr. Felt blew the whistle on a felony perpetrated by the Nixon
> administration.  For that he should be applauded, regardless of any motives
> any of us associate with that act.  Mr. Felt revealed to the American people
> the deceit of the Nixon administration.
> Yes.  Mr. Felt was convicted in 1980 on charges he ordered FBI agents to
> break into homes without search warrants in a hunt for bombing suspects in
> 1972 and 1973 during an investigation of the radical group Weather
> Underground.  President Reagan pardoned him in 1981.
> Thoughts?
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