[Vision2020] Open Dialogue and Phil Nisbet

Tbertruss at aol.com Tbertruss at aol.com
Wed Jul 13 11:48:34 PDT 2005

Phil et. al.

Nick Gier's post had a subject heading that read "Response to Phil Nisbet," 
and you claim you had trouble seeing it "in the reams of postings 
unrelated to Moscow’s future that seem to avalanche through this list."

I scan through dozens and dozens of e-mails every day, far, far more than 
what V2020 generates, to catch the ones I want to respond to, and I guarantee you 
if my name is in the subject heading, I don't miss it.

You blame V2020 content for missing an e-mail with your name in the subject 

Really, please ... don't insult our intelligence!

Ted Moffett

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