[Vision2020] Bush Found Excuse to Invade Iraq

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You got that right. I bet she makes lots of money badmouthing the
President. I bet she didn't like his tax cuts either but I bet she likes
all that extra money she doesn't have to pay in anymore. You're right
about that Michael Moore too I saw where he's a millionaire from all his
badmouthing Bush. Those two are just big fat two faced idiots and

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Ms Molly took to writing about Bush while he was still the gov of Texas.
She writes misinformation and twisted fact. I actually shouldn't say that
she hates Bush I should say that she is making good money selling a
product that some will buy without really checking the facts. Kinda like
Michael Moore. My belief is this about the far right or left. There are
those who are so far either way that they don't make sense at all. There
are those who can seek reason and understanding and are worthy of
actually reading. I think some of you would think of Rush on the far end
and I bet you haven't read his books or articles either. For me Ms Molly
is that person on the other end. Just seeking the truth.

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  Hell, I'd rather they fight those guys over in Iraq than over here.
  She can badmouth the President all she wants but I bet that molly
  ivins would be the first one crying for the army to save her fat
  rear when a bomb blows up wherever she's at. She probably just got
  mad because she voted for that idiot Kerry and he lost so bad anyhow.

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    > > From today's (June 29, 2005) Spokesman Review Opinion Section
    > Bush found excuse to invade Iraq
    > Molly Ivins
    > Creators Syndicate
    > June 29, 2005
    > AUSTIN, Texas - The first thing I ever learned about politics
    was never to
    > let anyone else define what you believe, or what you are for or
    against. I
    > think for myself.
    > I am not "you liberals" or "you people on the left who always.
    ..." My name
    > is Molly Ivins, and I can speak for myself, thank you. I don't
    need Rush
    > Limbaugh or Karl Rove to tell me what I believe.
    > Setting up a straw man, calling it liberal and then knocking it
    down has
    > become a favorite form of "argument" for those on the right.
    Make some
    > ridiculous claim about what "liberals" think, and then
    demonstrate how silly
    > it is. Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and many other right-wing ravers
    never seem
    > to get tired of this old game. If I had a nickel for every
    idiotic thing
    > I've ever heard those on the right claim "liberals" believe,
    I'd be richer
    > than Bill Gates.
    > The latest and most idiotic statement yet comes from Karl Rove,
    who is not,
    > actually, an objective observer. He is George Bush's hatchet
    man. Last week,
    > Rove, in an address to the Conservative Party of New York, made
    > following claim: "Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the
    attacks and
    > prepared for war; liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks
    and wanted
    > to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for
    > attackers."
    > This seemed to the editorial writers at the San Diego
    Union-Tribune such a
    > reasonable summary of the liberal position they couldn't figure
    out why
    > Democrats were "hyperventilating" and getting "bent out of
    > "What is harder to understand is how Democrats can think they
    can have it
    > both ways," they wrote. "Even as they beat their chests and
    profess support
    > for military action, they can't help but criticize the military
    and do
    > everything they can to undermine the war effort."
    > What a deep mystery. Let's see if we can help the San Diego
    thinkers solve
    > it. On Sept. 14, 2001, Congress approved a resolution
    authorizing the
    > president to take military action. The vote in the Senate was
    98 to 0; the
    > vote in the House was 420 to 1. The lone dissenter was Democrat
    Barbara Lee
    > of California, who expressed qualms about an open-ended war
    without a clear
    > target.
    > Find me the offer for therapy and understanding in that vote.
    > remember what actually happened after 9/11? Unprecedented
    unity, support
    > across the board, joint statements by Democratic and Republican
    > leaders. The whole world was with us. The most important
    newspaper in France
    > headlined, "We Are All Americans Now," and all our allies sent
    troops and
    > money to help. That is what George Bush has wasted with his war
    in Iraq.
    > The vote on invading Iraq was 77 to 23 in the Senate and 296 to
    133 in the
    > House. By that time, some liberals did question the wisdom of
    > because: A) Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and B) it looked
    > unlikely that Iraq actually had great stores of weapons of mass
    > since the United Nations inspectors, who were on the ground,
    couldn't find
    > any sign of them - even though Donald Rumsfeld claimed we knew
    exactly where
    > they were.
    > Since my name is Molly Ivins and I speak for myself, I'll tell
    you exactly
    > why I opposed invading Iraq: because I thought it would be bad
    for this
    > country, our country, my country. I opposed the invasion out of
    > and that is the reason I continue to oppose it today: I think
    it is bad for
    > us. I think it has done nothing but harm to the United States
    of America. I
    > think we have created more terrorists than we faced to start
    with and that
    > our good name has been sullied all over the world. I think we
    have alienated
    > our allies and have killed more Iraqis than Saddam Hussein ever
    > I did not oppose the war because I like Saddam Hussein. I have
    been active
    > in human rights work for 30 years, and I told you he was a
    miserable S.O.B.
    > back in the '80s, when our government was sending him arms.
    > I did not oppose the war because I am soft on terrorists or
    didn't want to
    > get Osama bin Laden. To the contrary, I thought it would be
    much more useful
    > to get bin Laden than to invade Iraq - which, once again, had
    nothing to do
    > with 9/11. I believe the case now stands proved that this
    > used 9/11 as a handy excuse to invade Iraq, which it already
    wanted to do
    > for other reasons.
    > It is one thing for a political knife-fighter like Karl Rove to
    impugn the
    > patriotism of people who disagree with him: We have seen this
    same crappy
    > tactic before, just as we have seen administration officials
    use 9/11 for
    > political purposes again and again. But how many times are the
    media going
    > to let them get away with it?
    > The first furious assault on the patriotism of Democrats came
    right after
    > the 9/11 commission learned President Bush had received a clear
    warning in
    > August 2001 that Osama bin Laden was planning a hijacking.
    > Batten down the hatches: This is the beginning of an
    administration push to
    > jack up public support for the war in Iraq by attacking anyone
    with enough
    > sense to raise questions about how it's going.
    > -----------------------------------------------------------
    > Take care, Moscow.
    > Tom Hansen
    > "What is objectionable, what is dangerous, about extremists is
    not that they
    > are extreme, but that they are intolerant. The evil is not what
    they say
    > about their cause, but what they say about their opponents."
    > -- Robert F. Kennedy
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