[Vision2020] Inside "Bush's Brain"

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Another excellent book that sheds light on President Bush's administration:




I have ordered my copy and should be receiving it shortly if anybody is
interested in quotes out of it.


Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho



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Anyone with even surface understanding of the Bush administration knows that
Karl Rove, chief campaign strategist for Bush, has tremendous, unparalleled
power and influence over what happens, officially and unofficially,
regarding W's quest for another term in the White House, and going at least
as far back as Bush's run for governor of Texas.

Now a new book, "Bush's Brain," by James Moore and Wayne Slater, and a movie
based on the same, offer us a detailed inside look at the power of Karl Rove
and the political tricks that he plays.

Most Americans are dancing to Karl Rove's tune, they just don't know it!


Ted Moffett

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