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Dick Schmidt dickschmidt at moscow.com
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It has to be because the drug companies own the power in Washington and who 
are not wanting a cheaper drug that will ease pain. I guess all I can 
suggest is to throw a rock at your favorite drug salesman!!! ;-))  My old 
German-Russian immigrant grandfather used to say, when he thought things 
were getting crazy here, "Some day there comes a revolution".  Maybe that is 
what we need to bring some sense to our leaders.

Dick Schmidt

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> The Supreme Court will be hearing arguments regarding medical marijuana 
> soon.  This centers around a California woman who, after trying many 
> different medications for her inoperable brain tumor and other ailments, 
> found marijuana to be the only treatment that works.  However, the Bush 
> administration and the Justice Department oppose her right to use cannabis 
> for medicinal purposes, claiming marijuana is a dangerous drug. 
> Regrettably, the Clinton adminstration took the same view.  Can someone 
> explain why a critically ill person who enjoys a vastly improved qualilty 
> of life by taking a few hits of marijuana, under the supervision of her 
> doctor, should be denied this treatment? 
> Carl Westberg Jr.
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