[Vision2020] Sanitized history in American schools

Robert Probasco rcprobasco at fastmail.fm
Sat Nov 20 05:27:57 PST 2004

Sunday, November 21 Booknotes: Peter Charles Hoffer on "Past Imperfect"
C-SPAN (Moscow channel 21) at 5pm & 8pm PT 

A couple months ago we had a brief discussion in this forum about the
way history is misrepresented in American textbooks and the media.  This
week's BOOKNOTES presentation will add some depth to that discussion.

If your computer is equipped with a fast connection, you can view the
show on-line: 

If you have a slow dial-up connection, you can still listen on-line (at
the scheduled times) via the radio link on the same web site.

Bob Probasco
  Robert Probasco
  rcprobasco at fastmail.fm

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