[Vision2020] Visionless2020 (?)

Donovan Arnold donovanarnold at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 15 17:03:33 PST 2004

Wayne, Dick, Tom, etc.

It is your right to post whatever you want on V2020. Some of the articles I 
like, some I don't. I just was trying to encourage people that post 
articles, Wayne not the only one, to add comments to their postings so we 
know why they posted them and what they learned. It seems as though people 
don't want to discuss anymore, just post stuff. V2020, to my understanding, 
was created to discuss on goings in the community and have some dialogue, be 
it good, bad, or indifferent.

I also wanted to point out that the large file sizes take a long time to 
download, and take up space. If a link can be provided instead of a copy and 
paste, that would be more efficient. Also, a plain text without the 
graphics, especially ones that have nothing to do with the article, would be 
more efficient. My concern is not that of overloading my hotmail account, 
which is actually huge. My concern is that it takes memory of others.

I also understand that you cannot access some articles without subscribing 
to the paper or magazine. But there is a reason why, it is illegal to copy 
and paste them. Yes, people do this all the time. However, if people 
consistently post copyrighted material they could get vision2020 in legal 
trouble because they are duplicating and distributing copyrighted materials. 
I don't want to see that happen. This is one of the few internet sites I see 
where people completely disregard copyright laws. You can copy I think up to 
one paragraph, then you must link to it. Otherwise, it is illegal.

My intention is not to discourage dialogue, or to not entertain our minds 
with the content of articles, in fact the opposite, hence the title of this 
thread. I do however, think there is a correct way to do it that respects 
the law, and practices courtesy to others. I hope we can pursue this avenue 
while increasing creative dialogue among a wide varity of people in the 


Donovan J Arnold

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