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Pam Palmer ppalmer@moscow.com
Sun, 30 May 2004 12:13:54 -0700


I think the trees are dead because of herbicide spraying that occurred in
May 2002. I wrote a letter to Commissioner Stauber two years ago (5/28/02),
a copy of which is below.

Pam Palmer

> Loreca-
> Please look into the issue of herbicide use on the grounds of the Latah
> County Courthouse.  Twice today, once as I drove by the courthouse on 6th
> Street, and later when I walked out the door on 5th Street, I noticed the
> overwhelming smell of chemicals.  By the look of the weeds on the grass, I
> suspect that the grounds have recently been sprayed.  WHY AREN'T THERE SIGNS
> Secondly, why is the County spraying in the first place?  You could easily
> use some of the Latah County Youth Services "volunteers" or other community
> volunteers to rid the grounds of dandelions.  As a Latah County resident, I
> strongly disagree with the use of poisons like that in public places.  It is
> a waste of money and a danger to the residents.  There is a preschool across
> the street from the Courthouse.  Have you thought of the effect the chemical
> use will have on small children that happen to be playing nearby?
> Sincerely,
> Pam Palmer
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On 5/30/04 11:35 AM, "bill london" <london@moscow.com> wrote:

> Is there some toxic effluent leaching from the Latah County Courthouse?
> Three big maples on the south side (Sixth Street) and one on the east
> side are dead and slated for removal.
> And the big spruce in the parking lot (known locally as the Grace Wicks
> Tree) is almost dead.
> Where else in town is there such a concentration of dead and dying trees?
> What is the courthouse doing or not doing that is killing trees?
> BL
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