[Vision2020] Hindu Fundamentalism

Nick Gier ngier@uidaho.edu
Wed, 05 May 2004 09:45:05 -0700


I've been following the Vision (with mixed feelings) but not 
contributing.  This is spring conference time and I've been furiously 
writing papers, after having put most of it off until the last minute.

Just one comment before I explain my posting.  I have expressed my concerns 
about Wayne Fox's vulgarity off line, and I will now join with others in 
publicly condemning these totally inappropriate comments.  I've noticed a 
substantial drop off in participation, and more postings such as these will 
destroy what little credibility this community bulletin board has 
left.  Wayne, you've made lots of good contributions to the Vision, so 
don't spoil it all with any more of your crudities.

Of the three papers I've been working on, I would like to offer the one on 
Hindu fundamentalism.  The question raised is "Why, after thousands of 
years of virtually no religiously motivated violence on the Indian 
Sub-Continent, is there now continual clashes, primarily between Muslims 
and Hindus?"  The short answer is that "Europeans taught Hindus how to do 
it"; or, for local consumption: "For the first time some Hindu religious 
leaders are talking like Doug Wilson." You can read my argument for this at 

Let's keep the Vision Clean and Civil,

Nick Gier