[Vision2020] Vision2020 changes

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Thu Jun 24 12:04:42 PDT 2004

I fully endorse Bill London's comments.

I have a websites on their servers and a few e-mail addresses maintained on
the e-mail server.  This is like buying a Lamborghini at Volkswagen prices.

My hat's off to you guys.

Keep it up.

Tom Hansen
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  My thanks to First Step for continuing to upgrade Vision2020...for no
  I find this pretty amazing.  We get first class service for free.

  Bill Moore wrote:

    I forgot to mention that with the new software, there will be a change
in how the Vision2020
    email messages will arrive in your inbox.  The old software sent a
posting like this (an example):

    FROM: vision2020-admin at moscow.com; on behalf of; LuJane Nisse publisher
[lujane at lataheagle.com]

    and now (by software default ) they will show up like this instead (an

    FROM: vision2020-bounces at moscow.com; on behalf of; LuJane Nisse
publisher [lujane at lataheagle.com]

    So, if you have a rule set up to move your Vision2020 email to a special
folder, it may no longer work
    the way it did and you may have to change your filter/rule.

    I'll be shutting the server down shortly (3:10 pm).

    Thanks for your patience and remember, this is just another example of
First Step's continued commitment to
    excellent customer service!
    Bill Moore
    bmoore at fsr.com
    Director of Technology
    First Step Internet
    1420 South Blaine St
    Moscow, ID   83843
    (208) 882-8869 ext. 465

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