[Vision2020] dead trees

bill london london@moscow.com
Tue, 01 Jun 2004 09:14:47 -0700

An arborist sent me the explanation for the dead maples near the Latah 
County Courthouse which I have included below. 
With the exception of the de-icer, the same conditions exist for many of 
the other maples along 6th Street.  So, that indicates for me that 
perhaps the de-icer or other chemicals (note Pam Palmer's earlier 
posting regarding pesticides applied there) get the blame for the sad 
condition of the trees.
What kind of chemicals has the county been applying there and who is 

>>The slope, drainage, lack of soil nutrients and de-icer concentrations from
>>the sidewalks are all contributing to a overall lack of root health /
>>growth, and the trees are not getting the nutrients of water they need to
>>survive. As they're stressed out, they are most likely suffering or have
>>suffered from a host of opportunistic microorganisms and insect
>>infestations, contributing to their demise.