[Vision2020] Evidence of Bush Family Values

LuJane Nisse publisher lujane at lataheagle.com
Sat Jul 24 11:58:49 PDT 2004

who raised them? the nanny?

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This seems like a pointless argument when you consider that fact that Bush
didn't raise his own children. Thank God.

Donovan J Arnold

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>Lujane et. al.
>Right, of course, I am a slave to my bias, and if I loved W. Bush, I would
>excuse all manner of ethical failure in the behavior of his children.
>Well, no, not really.
>And of course I know, as anyone with half a brain (I only have half left
>after lowering myself to the level of critical thinking and independence of
>thought demonstrated sometimes on V2020), that genetics and culture can
>sometimes foil the good intentions of any parent.
>Still, parents have a tremendous impact on their children, and it is not
>accurate to state that bad kids are NOT often the fault of their parents.
>Furthermore, no two children in a family are raised the "same."  Numerous
>studies of family dynamics and politics have revealed tremendous
>differences in how different children in families are treated, even by
>parents who take extreme measures to be fair and even with different
>My commentary on Shrub and Clinton was meant as critical analysis comparing
>attacks on the Clinton's, their lack of "family values," by the right wing
>Christian robot ditto heads, and how the reality of this might be reflected
>in Chelsea, and then doing the same with W. Bush and attacks, or the lack
>thereof, on his approach to "family values," that might also be reflected
>in his children.
>It might be concluded that Shrub gets a pass on how his "family values" are
>reflected given his children's behavior, whereas the Clinton's appeared to
>get little credit for their positive "family values" that are reflected in
>Do you understand what I am saying?  If this analysis is wrong, tell me
>And quit the nonsense about my bias overcoming my objectivity, OK?  Let's
>discuss ideas and issues with a presumption we are capable of thinking
>"outside our boxes," and not reduce arguments into the form of "This is
>just your bias talking which you cannot see beyond."
>If we cannot see outside our biases why bother to discuss?
>Ted Moffett
>In a message dated 7/23/2004 4:12:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "LuJane
>Nisse publisher" <lujane at lataheagle.com> writes:
> >and... believe it or not... some kids form their own attitudes, beliefs
> >values despite what we, as parents, attempt to instill in them. I have
> >daughter that would be a Chelsea and another that would be this Bush
> >daughter. Both raised the same. Two different attitudes and outlooks on
> >and deep-seated beliefs. (one atheist, one christian... etc)
> >go figure - kids grow up to be their own person. You can only hope you
> >some good things in there they can fall back on.
> >
> >Perhaps if you liked the current president you would have a different
> >opinion of this obviously rebellious child such as, "She is assertive."
> >is ... " whatever.
> >
> >
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> >
> >
> >
> >  All:
> >
> >  Consider the Clinton's daughter Chelsea, and how she appears to be an
> >intelligent, successful law abiding women, despite what the tabloids say.
> >Then consider the coordinated attack against the character and family
> >of her parents, as though they sit at the right and left hand of Satan.
> >
> >  Now consider the behavior of current President Shrub's children.  Which
> >progeny from which parents (Clinton or Shrub) reflect the best parenting?
> >One might conclude with a gasp that the Clinton's are better parents than
> >Shrub.
> >
> >  Now we must consider what "best parenting" means.  If raising your
> >children to reflect the cowboy rude crude "I'll kick your ass if you mess
> >with me" and to hell with the rest of the world (remind you of someone?)
> >mentality, then it is clear Shrub's daughters do reflect sound family
> >values.  Chelsea, by comparison, is a wimp.  I mean from a rough and
> >anti-intellectual Texan's point of view.  Shrub's daughters are "Texans,"
> >and it shows.
> >
> >  Ride'm cowboy into the heart of the Middle East bringing good'ol boy
> >family values to those hapless Iraqis, and to hell with what the rest of
> >world thinks.
> >
> >  Ted Moffett
> >
> >
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