[Vision2020] Victory of Tax Payers

DonaldH675 at aol.com DonaldH675 at aol.com
Mon Jul 12 10:17:30 PDT 2004

Saundra and I are pleased to announce that the tax exemption on Anselm House 
has been revoked.  Because NSA is actually two adjoining parcels (at an 
unknown boundary) in the building, one exemption was revoked and one retained.  
Saundra and I will be appealing the remaining exemption.

We appreciate more than we can say the community support we have received on 
this issue.  In this time of economic hardship for private homeowners and 
businesses we feel that this issue is timely.  Everyone should, as a matter of 
conscience, be willing to pay their fair share.  The BOE helped us to understand 
what the fair share for Anselm House and part of New St. Andrews actually is. 
Thank you all!
Rose Huskey

"One cannot level one's moral lance at every evil in the universe. There are 
just too many of them. But you can do something, and the difference between 
doing something and doing nothing is everything." Daniel Berrigan
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