[Vision2020] A Failure to Communicate

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Why don't you just join Christ Church? That is all you have to do to get a 
job with the Chamber of Commerce and a tax exemption from the County.

Donovan J Arnold

>From: "Joan Opyr" <auntiestablishment at hotmail.com>
>To: "Vision2020 Moscow" <vision2020 at moscow.com>
>Subject: Re: [Vision2020] A Failure to Communicate
>Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 20:28:38 -0700
>Rose writes:
> >If Pope Joan moved her church headquarters from the office space in our 
>jointly shared library into our >little red shop building, (which is a 
>multi-purpose space), and then had the nerve to try to claim a >property 
>tax exemption on the shop because she wrote books, articles, and edited the 
>Auntie >Establishment website in the shop, Saundra and I would bring the 
>same issues forward.  Oops, maybe >not, Saundra is the Bishop of Moscow, 
>according to Pope Joan.
> >Rose Huskey
> >PS  Pope Joan is not contemplating either moving to the shop or picking 
>the pockets of Latah County >tax payers by claiming a property tax 
>Who says I'm not contemplating this?  If the tax exemption currently 
>granted to New St. Andrews and Anselm House is not rescinded, I see no 
>reason why I shouldn't give it a try.  Come Monday morning, if NSA and 
>Anselm House remain tax exempt, I intend to claim an exemption for the 10 X 
>10 space off the kitchen from which I operate The Church of Auntie 
>Establishment.  What's more, as most of my epistles are composed in my 12 X 
>14 bedroom -- for divine inspiration, I like to lie on my bed and stare up 
>at the ceiling -- I don't see why I shouldn't claim that space as well.  
>And perhaps the 3 X 3 shower stall in which I sing hymns like "Oh Lord, 
>it's hard to be humble" and "Heaven's just a sin away."
>It might only save me a couple hundred a year, but what the heck?  If 
>that's all it takes to get a tax exemption in Latah County, then I 
>recommend that *everyone* log onto www.ulc.org and fill out the instant 
>ordination form.  Voila!  You'll be a fully licensed, legally recognized 
>minister.  Then, all you have to do is announce that you've opened your own 
>church -- publishing your own work and selling your own T-shirts and coffee 
>mugs is strictly optional -- and take your minimal information right on 
>down to the BOE and ask for your tax exemption.  There's nothing to stop 
>you.  Nothing at all.
>Except . . . Rose.  And Saundra.  But Saundra is the Bishop of Moscow in 
>The Church of AE, so I think there's a conflict of interest there.  (Though 
>according to Paul Kimmell maybe it's just the "appearance" of conflict)  
>The other problem, of course, is that Doug Whitney, counsel for the BOE, 
>has determined that under Idaho law a property must be used exclusively for 
>religious and/or educational purposes to qualify for a tax exemption.  It's 
>all or nothing, which is why New St. Andrews and Anselm House do not 
>legally qualify.  NSA has Zume's, which is only educational if you're 
>trying to learn about the effect of carbohydrate consumption on the human 
>butt, and Anselm House has Canon Press, which publishes not just Doug 
>Wilson's theological musings but also cookbooks, wine guides, and pamphlets 
>about slavery.
>I guess it all depends on the BOE, which is meeting Monday morning at 8 am 
>to make a final decision on this matter.  Who knows?  Maybe we'll all luck 
>out and, through clever use of ordination, we can make Latah County 
>property-tax free.  Hooray!  Then again, maybe I'll be forced to recognize 
>that the use of my living room for the non-religious eating of Fritos and 
>the non-educational watching of "SpongeBob SquarePants" disqualifies my 
>office, bedroom, and shower from tax exemption.
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