[Vision2020] HR4754 Defeated in the House

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Fri Jul 9 09:26:02 PDT 2004

An amendment to HR 4754 sponsored by Bernard Sanders (Vermont) required that no 
funds would be provided to that portion of the Patriot Act which allows federal 
agencies to attain lists from book sellers, libraries, etc. without a warrant.

This portion of the Patriot Act allows federal agencies to find out what books 
you have purchased from book sellers, what books you have signed out of a 
library, etc. etc.  If the book seller or librarian informs you that an agency 
is asking about you, he/she may be fined and/or jailed.

The amendment was defeated in the House 210 - 210.

The bill can be better researched at:


Regarding HR4754 copied and pasted from:


H.AMDT.652 to H.R.4754 An amendment numbered two printed in the Congressional 
Record to add a new section to the bill prohibiting funds from being made 
available to make an application under section 501 of the Foreign Intelligence 
Surveillance Act of 1978 for an order requiring the production of library 
circulation records, library patron lists, library Internet records, book sales 
records, or book customer lists. 
Sponsor: Rep Sanders, Bernard [VT] (introduced 7/8/2004)      Cosponsors (None) 
Latest Major Action: 7/8/2004 House amendment not agreed to. Status: On 
agreeing to the Sanders amendment (A021) Failed by recorded vote: 210 - 210, 1 
Present (Roll no. 339).

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