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Rendezvous for Kids, an arts and crafts event on the mornings of July 15 and 16 for kids 12 years and under, http://www.moscowmusic.com/r4kids/Home.asp , is still in need of volunteers.   For each day of help given to Rendezvous for Kids, volunteers get a free lunch, a t-shirt, and a concert ticket of their choice to one of the four Rendezvous in the Park concerts.  Volunteers can sign up at the above web site (cut and paste into your web browser),or by calling Jodi Donaldson at 882-3929 or emailing her at storeyaaron at moscow.com.  

At Rendezvous for Kids, 40 volunteers help our numerous participating artists and 120 children enjoy two half-days of art activitites.  The volunteers shepard the kids from artist to artist.  We are currently short 15 volunteers.  If someone knows a youth, church or scout group that would be interested in volunteering as a public service project, send them our way by contacting Jodi.

Sorry for the misleading subject header, but if you got this far it did it's job!

If you are unable to volunteer for Rendezvous for Kids, this is a reminder that Rendezvous in the Park is next weekend, July 15-17 at East City Park.  Buttons that are good for admittance to all four concerts (Celtic, Blues, Country and Classical) at the bargain price of $25 per button remain available at the Farmer's Market this weekend and at Bookpeople on South Main Street.  For individual ticket info and more about the concerts themselves see http://www.moscowmusic.com/Rendezvous/ .

Rendezvous thanks First Step Internet for designing and hosting our web site.

Bruce Livingston
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