[Vision2020] News of the Weird: The priviledge of having good attorneys

Art Deco aka W. Fox deco at moscow.com
Sun Jul 4 11:04:21 PDT 2004

O The three video rape defendants that I've been harping about
in Orange County, Calif., are back home now, on a hung jury. 
Clearly, some of the 12 wise people believe that a 16-yr-old girl,
feeling foolish or frisky at the outset of an evening, is fair game for
nearly anything.  Most astonishingly, it used to be that all of us in a
he-said/she-said dispute could wish simply that, oh if there were
just videotape of the incident, it would prove me right.  Well, here
there was just that.  All 24 counts against the 3 kids of privilege
were right there on tape.  "Are you gonna believe me, or your own
eyes," asked Groucho.  He lived too soon; with the proper lawyers
and medical interpreters, one's own eyes are quite inadequate these
days.  OC Weekly
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