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Coffeemonkey -


It is painstakingly clear that you have not even browsed through the UNC
collection which I referenced.  If you had, you would have noticed that an
extremely large majority of those books were written prior to 1900.


For instance, First-Person Narratives of the American South at:




I realize that Canon Press did not publish any of these books maintained at
UNC, and are therefore suspect, but it is the best that historical
researchers can provide.


Tom Hansen



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A state library does not represent the state as a whole, so I don't know if
North Carolina is lying to me, or anyone else, but I do know that there are
numerous historians that have not represented the facts from the Civil War
very well.  I suspect a few of these folks have works residing at the
University of North Carolina.


I would consider works written by those who lived in that time period to
have more authority than those written by those who did not.  There is
plenty to be learned by modern historians, however, if they are in
disagreement with those who lived in the time about which the write, it is
curious at best.  Why do they disagree?


Again, a whole mountain of lies, are still lies, volume does not make it any
more true.  Mass is a poor substitute for truth.


Your derogatory emails really don't help your point.  My name is Ted, maybe
that is hard to remember, I don't know, but really, play nice.  


Ted Ryan

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Mr. Ryan -


You asked for references.  How about a whole university library of
references?  No.  I am not talking about the University of Idaho.  I am
talking about a college situated south of the Mason-Dixon Line.  Yes, ladies
and gentlemen, I am talking about the University of North Carolina.


You want references, Coffeemonkey?  They got references.  They got oodles
and oodles of references at:




Tell us, Coffeemonkey.  Is the state of North Carolina lying, too?


Tom "I Gotta Be Me" Hansen

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