[Vision2020] Re: McBroom and Biblical Slavery

Robert McBroom rmcbroom at centurytel.net
Tue Aug 31 08:23:45 PDT 2004

Mr. Gier,
I'm afraid this conversation has become a bit one sided. If you recall I
merely asked you to substantiate a charge you brought against Pastors
Wilkens and Wilson to wit:
"Wilson should have known that Wilkins was accused of plagiarism by a
history student in his congregation."
I did not ask you to betray a confidence, but rather that you provide me
with the same information you claim was so readily available to Mr. Wilson.
Before taking this exchange further into esoteric heights my original
question remains unanswered.

Thank you,
Robert McBroom
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> Dear Mr. McBroom,
> In their slavery booklet Wilson and Wilkins condemn the Southern slavers
who had sex with their female slaves.  But I asked Doug Wilson directly and
I repeat the same request to you now:  At the urging of his wife Abraham had
sex with his slave Hagar and then, also at the urging of his wife, turned
them out to die in the wilderness.  Wilson did not have the courage or the
integrity to condemn this aspect of biblical slavery.  I trust that you have
more moral fiber than Wilson, so what is your answer?
> Nick Gier

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