[Vision2020] FW: Bush: Kerry's Vietnam Tour 'More Heroic'

Pat Kraut pkraut at moscow.com
Mon Aug 30 21:53:55 PDT 2004

Neither has Kerry condemed the ads the DNC is running against Bush! Let's be
fair here!

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> Dan et. al.
> No, we will not move on from the subject of Kerry's service in Vietnam.
> While Bush poses that he is not the source of the "Swift Boat Veterans for
Truth" ad controversy, he has not condemned these ads attacking Kerry.  What
is the strategy?  He can claim to me noble and idealistic, above the dirty
politics of the Swift Boat ads, while still gaining the benefit of the
damage to Kerry being done by these ads.
> More Swift Boat ads attacking Kerry's Vietnam service are going to air,
and they are hurting Kerry among many voters.  This attack against Kerry's
military image will continue till election day, because the Republicans know
Bush is vulnerable on this issue, and it is a potential strong point for
Kerry, unless they can tarnish his military hero image.
> In an election this close, the Republicans just need to convince a few
percent of voters that Kerry's heroics in Vietnam were not what Kerry
claims, and this can swing the election to Bush.
> Ted Moffett
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