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Here is my final post on this thread:


1. My motives are irrelevant; they could be as pure as the wind-driven snow or as malicious as the Wolfman’s during a full moon. It matters not. The accuracy of my information, however, is absolutely relevant. And if you check the archives, you will see that I do not bear false witness, and that I am passionately opposed to the Wolfman.


2. My identity is irrelevant; I could be Caesar Augustus, Caesar Romero, or Caesar Salad. It matters not. As noted, the accuracy of my information is all that matters. (BTW: if you had read the link on ad homs, you would see that you want to position the argument into a circumstantial ad hom.)


3. The minutes have been quoted in entirety, as confirmed by the Wolfman, and if you want more context, then you should know that the Kirk elders’ minutes regularly refer to Paul Kimmell as their land agent who negotiates deals on their behalf. That’s a fact, Jack. And I suspect that twelve fools in Anselm and another at the county are kicking themselves black and blue for documenting Kimmell’s abdication. Given the nature of most minutes, they had no reason to put it in writing.


4. The biblical definition of the word “oversight” is all that matters. As previously posted, our English word “oversight” comes from the Greek word “episkopeo,” the same word from which we get “Episcopalian.” According to Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words, the word “episkopeo” means

“to look upon,” “exercising the oversight”; “exercising” is the right rendering; the word does not imply the entrance upon such responsibility, but the fulfillment of it. It is not a matter of assuming a position, but of the discharge of the duties. The word is found elsewhere in Heb. 12:15, “looking carefully.”

Episkopeo is a verb taken from the noun episkopees, which the Bible translates “bishop,” hence the Episcopalian connection. The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia says of the word “bishop”: “Their office is defined as ‘ruling’ (Rom. 12:8), ‘overseeing’ (Acts 20:17, 28; 1 Pet. 5:2), caring for the flock of God (Acts 20:28).”


Vincent’s Word Studies of the New Testament defines the word “episkopees” as “‘Superintendent, overseer’ . . . The fundamental idea of the word is ‘overseeing’ . . . The prevailing Old Testament sense of ‘episkopee’ is ‘visitation’ for punishment, inquisition, or numbering.”


5. Like you, I don’t like some of the abuse thrown at Kimmell (please note that I have been careful to make distinction between he and the Wolfman), but I disagree with you about his livelihood. When men violate the public trust, they forfeit their privilege to serve those whom they betrayed. Paul Kimmell violated the public trust on numerous occasions, in ways that defy description. And yesterday’s op-ed showed no humility or remorse or second thoughts at all about his conduct. In fact it read like he typed it with his middle finger.


6. Paul Kimmell should have the courage to address the CEF Elders’ Minutes in this forum regardless of his opinion of its participants, and he should not join hands with the Wolfman in condemning 2020 anymore than he should join him in extolling the Confederacy. However it appears that Kimmell will act on the Wolfman’s counsel and brazen this out, which means the disease has progressed much farther than I originally thought. It also spells disaster for Kimmell, for just as the Wolfman hardened himself and now suffers through headline after headline, so Paul should expect the same until he repents.


Fare thee well.

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