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I've been an ABB (anybody but Bush) fan since way before the democrats picked a candidate. This article troubles me. I'm still in the ABB party and wish we could wage a successful write in for John McCain. 

Dick Schmidt

>From the Chicago Sun Times
Kerry citation a 'total mystery' to ex-Navy chief 

August 28, 2004 


Former Navy Secretary John Lehman has no idea where a Silver Star citation displayed on Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry's campaign Web site came from, he said Friday. The citation appears over Lehman's signature. 

"It is a total mystery to me. I never saw it. I never signed it. I never approved it. And the additional language it contains was not written by me," he said. 

The additional language varied from the two previous citations, signed first by Adm. Elmo Zumwalt and then Adm. John Hyland, which themselves differ. The new material added in the Lehman citation reads in part: "By his brave actions, bold initiative, and unwavering devotion to duty, Lieutenant (jg) Kerry reflected great credit upon himself...." 

Asked how the citation could have been executed over his signature without his knowledge, Lehman said: "I have no idea. I can only imagine they were signed by an autopen." The autopen is a device often used in the routine execution of executive documents in government. 

Kerry senior adviser Michael Meehan could not be reached for comment on Kerry's records.
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