[Vision2020] More Palouse Academics Speak Out

Nick Gier ngier at uidaho.edu
Sat Aug 21 13:23:38 PDT 2004


Fourteen more Palouse academics have checked the two texts noted below and 
have signed on to the petition.  Paul Kimmel's plagiarism just deepens our 
concern about intellectual honesty at Christ Church and its affiliated 

Tom, please add these new names to the petition on your invaluable webiste.

We, the undersigned Palouse academics, strongly condemn the use of authors' 
words without proper attribution.  This petition is in specific reference 
to Douglas Wilson's and Steve Wilkins' booklet Southern Slavery As It Was 
(Canon Press, 1996), in which many passages appear to have been copied from 
Robert William Fogel's and Stanley L. Engerman's book Time on the Cross: 
The Economics of American Negro Slavery (Little & Brown, 1974).

Bennett Barr, ESL Instructor, University of Idaho
Paul Cockeran, Adjunct Professor, University of California at Santa Cruz
John Dickinson, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, University of Idaho
James Foster, Professor of Computer Science, University of Idaho
Donna Henderson, Graduate Student, University of Idaho
Jennifer Hirt, MFA in Creative Writing, University of Idaho
Patricia Hogenmiller, ESL Instructor, Rochester University
Kathy Meyer, Senior Instructor of English, Washington State University
Donna Holmes Parks, Associate Research Professor of Biological Sciences, 
University of Idaho
Olle Pellmyr, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Idaho
Elsie Sakumara, Instructor of History, University of Idaho
Mark Sanders, Associate Professor of, Lewis Clark State College
J. D. Stanton, Visiting Assistant Professor, Whitman College
Kimberly Verhines, Instructor, Lewis Clark State College
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