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Tim Lohrmann timlohr at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 21 09:44:23 PDT 2004

     You're correct that I don't know whether Fox News ever had psy-ops interns. I don't know and my assumption was possibly unfounded. It's just never been printed or alleged as it has with CNN. 
     I also don't know whether or not the next person I see walking down the street has ever been committed or been convicted of a felony, whether or not Britney Spears mistreats her pets, or whether or not George Will wears lingerie in private. My assumptions if any, on the above questions are equally unfounded. 
    As I've said several times, we agree that concentration of media ownership is a negative development. My point, once again, is simply that sensationalisitc journalism is nothing new. It flourished when media ownership was much more diversified. 
  Concentration of ownership is much more of a concern to me in the area of which truly newsworthy stories are covered, which are not, and the "slant/spin" that is given to such stories. 
  I've discussed the Berger "thing" in my other posts.
   Best, TL

Tbertruss at aol.com wrote:

Tim et. al.

Of course I read your comments on the National Archives spokesperson.  You never responded to the possibility that she was not misquoted, but rather was back pedaling to enforce a no comment policy.  Maybe she altered her statements?  And you never addressed the fact that the Justice Department was quoted in the WSJ article to Berber's favor.

In fact, you never responded to the exact details of the WSJ article, while suggesting I was not informed of the facts on this issue.

My point was that along with concentration of media ownership there has been an increasing shift in focus to news as profit, thus my comment on how this was destroying Democracy.  I don't think the two aspect of concentration of ownership and domination of the profit motive can be separated.  The logic of the capitalist marketplace is being used increasingly to justify the structure of the world economic/poltiical structure, and we see this reflected in US media.

It is a total no brainer that media monopolies need to be broken up or more highly regulated.  I'm glad we can agree on this.

How do you know Fox News has never had psyops interns in their studios?  What perfect inside source do you have?  Maybe Fox News has had psyops interns in their studio but it was carefully kept secret?

I find your certainty on this to be totally unfounded!

Ted Moffett 
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