[Vision2020] If you are concerned about education- Please Read.

Donovan Arnold donovanarnold at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 19 20:15:35 PDT 2004


Our Moscow Library doesn't get enough funding. They have several programs to 
help them cut costs. One of the programs is an adopt a magazine program. 
This program asks people to buy a subscription to a magazine to be delivered 
to the library.

There are lots of magazines to choose from. Ranging in price from $16 for 
the years subscription, all the way to about $300 for the Idaho Statesmen. 
You can put your name up on the wall letting people know you adopted the 
magazine if you want.

Some businesses like to donate subscriptions to magazines related to their 

Here is another thought, If you order a magazine for home, consider ordering 
it for the library instead and visiting the library.

I visit the library about 4-7 times a weeks. There are surprising number of 
people that depend on the library that are disabled, children, poor, or 
combination thereof. Your donation helps them two ways. It helps to provide 
reading material for what they do read, and it helps to save the library 
funds to purchase other materials and needs for the public.

If you can help out, that would be great!


Donovan J Arnold

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