[Vision2020] Can we call him the Stinkster?

Dan Carscallen predator75 at moscow.com
Tue Aug 17 14:34:41 PDT 2004

It does look like something is happening there.  While I do enjoy the
Wingers, I wouldn't mind seeing something different (like Sangria seems
to be)


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Speaking of gossip columns, in my best Walter Winchell:  "Good afternoon
and Mrs. Moscow and all the combines in the wheat fields.....more news
the fine dining scene....rumor's circulating that Winger's will be
into the old Bonanza building at the Palouse Empire Mall...true?"




                              Carl Westberg Jr.

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>Subject: [Vision2020] Can we call him the Stinkster?
>Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 12:08:28 -0700
> >From Moscow's newest gossip columnist:
> >Dr. Nick Gier, local intolerista agitator, and author of God, Reason,

> >and
>the Evangelicals: The Case Against Evangelical >Rationalism was 
>seen on Conestoga St. in Moscow, looking to link up with Charles Nolan,

>publisher of J.C. >Ryle's great work entitled Holiness. Subsequent
>indicated that they did in fact find each other. Charles Nolan >also 
>recently appeared in World magazine as a "knowledgable witness" on the
>exemption fracas. Since he was not >formally connected to those 
>proceedings, we can only surmise other strange alliances gave him a
>esoteric >knowledge.  -- Posted by Douglas Wilson, to his blog,
>I'm sorry Tom, Wayne, Jack, et al., but I have to disagree with you.  
>isn't evidence of paranoia; it's a charming return to the small town 
>Southern tradition of spying (and reporting) on one's neighbors.  As 
>recently as 1991, when I last lived in North Carolina, little
>like the Four Oaks Gazette had a special column devoted to what was
>"society news."  This consisted of scintillating stories like, "On
>night, Mr. and Mrs. Red Neck of 1313 High Colonic Lane were joined at 
>supper by Mrs. Maybelle Colitis of Goldsboro.  They enjoyed a hearty
>of baked possum, RC Cola, boiled peanuts and moon pies before embarking
>a game of pull-my-finger.  Mr. Neck, who is reported by friends,
>and near neighbors to be 'straight-piped,' won the game resoundingly."
>Doug, who is a published admirer of Southern hospitality, must be 
>with this kind of reporting, and I have to admit that I am myself a fan
>saves wear and tear on the drapes (all that rubbing back and forth on
>curtain rod caused by peeping out) not to mention phone calls to
friends to 
>find out whose Buick that is in Mrs. Flabbergast's driveway.  Better by
>to have that vital information online!  I only wish I could be an
>participant, but alas, I don't live on Conestoga.  I live at the end of
>half-mile long dirt road, and my house is not visible from the road.
>can I do to be a part of this vital information sharing?  Wait . . .
>got it.  I'll self report!
>"On Wednesday, Ms. Saundra Lund visited Ms. Mary Joan Opyr at the
>Opyr-Huskey home.  The ladies drank Diet Coke and ate stale doughnuts, 
>which, as everyone knows, have no carbohydrates.  Ms. Opyr then
>to foist some of her excess zucchini crop onto Ms. Lund, who kindly
>three but left the other four hundred and thirty six.  Ms. Opyr regrets

>this as her children are steadfastly refusing to eat zucchini bread, 
>zucchini fricasse, zucchini ratatouille, and zucchini surprise -- AKA, 
>zucchini eaten while wearing a blindfold."
>And that's the news from Lake Wobegone.  I'm Chevy Chase, and you're 
>Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment
>PS: Saundra -- come get some zucchini!  I'm begging you!
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