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Wayne, Joan-

We can get as nuanced as we want, but I knew with certainty, as I think 
anyone studying the intentions of the Bush administration and the PNAC ideology 
made clear in the 1990s would know, that Bush was going to invade Iraq, no doubt. 
 So the distinction between granting the threat of the use of force or the 
actual use of force is somewhat meaningless when you know the intention is to 
use this granted authority to go to war.  And I think a careful reading of the 
authority granted did not forbid the use of force, only allowing threats, so 
Joan, where is the reality in your distinction?  Let's say I know the guy with 
the boxing gloves will cross that line no matter what his opponent does and 
beat him up?  Do I still grant him authority to use threats?  Paul O'Neill from 
the W. Bush administrations early days reported the focus on invading Iraq was 
active before 9/11

If Kerry lacked the insight to see this when he voted to give W. Bush the 
authority to use force against Iraq, I question his judgment.  However, other 
motivations, like not wanting to be branded a treasonous peace-nik dove at 
reelection time, could have come into play, not only for Kerry but for the huge 
number of Democrats who laid down and went along with the W. Bush war agenda 
voting along with Kerry.

There was a patriotic fervor and climate of fear that the Bush administration 
was exploiting, so many Democrats who might have privately had doubts about 
granting W. Bush the authority to threaten or invade Iraq were afraid to 
challenge this.

Like only ONE member of congress challenged this!
Talk about mind numbing conformity, here in the land of freedom and 

Here is a link to a story about Barbara Lee, who had her life threatened for 
being the lone dissenter in congress on that war vote:


Ted Moffett
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