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No matter who you are or how well some think you have done your job there are those who think you did a bad job. The real problem is that Kerry and the DMC held Kerry's record out as a shining example of serving and honesty. So, these other guys step up and it gets messy, doesn't mean they are wrong. A lot of people served in Nam in a wide variety of areas and I am sure they have different opinions about the people they served with. The real problem is the DMC working so hard to make Bush look bad they chose a bad example. I heard this sometime back on one of the midnight talk shows these guys have been trying to be heard. Nam records are not what will make me not vote for Kerry or Bush. Its more involved than just one issue. 
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  The source of the accusations that Kerry's war wounds were self-inflicted, that he won his Silver Star by shooting a Viet Cong teenager in the back, and etc., is a small group calling itself "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth."  They are the only source.  They were organized by a Texas PR woman named Merrie Spaeth.  She's a Bush donor and very active in GOP politics.  Ms. Spaeth is also the widow of Tex Lezar, an old friend and supporter of the Bush family dating back to Poppy Bush's Vice-Presidential days.  The late Mr. Lezar was a partner in the law firm of John E. O'Neill, leader of the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" and a long-time Kerry antagonist.  Mr. O'Neill is an ex-Nixon operative, recruited by that bastion of integrity, Chuck Colson, back in the early 1970s to counter Kerry's criticism of the Vietnam War.  Kerry and O'Neill famously squared off on the Dick Cavett Show, where Kerry is reported to have mopped the floor with O'Neill.

  As for what Bob Novak says . . . I'm surprised that man still has a column, much less a prime time news slot.  He is the O. J. Simpson of journalism.  Outing a CIA agent in the field is a federal crime.  Perhaps when the Valerie Plame investigation has at long last run its course, Mr. Novak will finding himself sharing a jail cell with Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff, Scooter Libby.  

  Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment

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