[Vision2020] Kerry was not even in Vietnam

Donovan Arnold donovanarnold at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 11 19:32:27 PDT 2004

As long as we are saying stuff about Lt. Kerry from, what was it, 35 years 
ago, let us tell the real truth.

Kerry was not even in Vietnam.

He never served his Country.

He went AWOL

He Lied about even being there.

He is a coward, he didn't even show up for duty.

He was missing for a year, nobody even knew where he was.

And he stabbed himself in the back 52 so he could get a purple heart.

Just like Senator McClelland, that only gave 3 or his 4 limbs in war, he 
doesn't even deserve to be in the country.

And were was Bush during this time, he was defending his country.

Donovan J Arnold

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