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> The source of the accusations that Kerry's war wounds were
self-inflicted> , that he won his Silver Star by shooting a Viet Cong teenager 
in the
bac> k, and etc., is a small group calling itself "Swift Boat Veterans for
Tru> th."  They are the only source.  They were organized by a Texas PR woman
> named Merrie Spaeth.  She's a Bush donor and very active in GOP
politics.>   Ms. Spaeth is also the widow of Tex Lezar, an old friend and 
> of the Bush family dating back to Poppy Bush's Vice-Presidential days. 
T> he late Mr. Lezar was a partner in the law firm of John E. O'Neill,
leade> r of the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" and a long-time Kerry
antagonist>   Mr. O'Neill is an ex-Nixon operative, recruited by that bastion of
int> egrity, Chuck Colson, back in the early 1970s to counter Kerry's
criticis> m of the Vietnam War.  Kerry and O'Neill famously squared off on the
Dick>  Cavett Show, where Kerry is reported to have mopped the floor with
O'Nei> ll.
> As for what Bob Novak says . . . I'm surprised that man still has a
colum> n, much less a prime time news slot.  He is the O. J. Simpson of
journali> sm.  Outing a CIA agent in the field is a federal crime.  Perhaps when
th> e Valerie Plame investigation has at long last run its course, Mr. Novak
> will finding himself sharing a jail cell with Dick Cheney's Chief of
Staf> f, Scooter Libby.   
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