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Ted, et al,

If Kerry is using the tactic of his support for the Iraq War as a political
ruse, he is on risky ground.  His statement will certainly reduce the enthusiasm
of some or many of his supporters -- some my even vote for a third party

If he really believes that the human suffering and chaos wrought to Iraq is
justified without WMDs, Al Kada connections, etc., then I really must reassess
my opinion of his reasoning ability, integrity, and values.


Art Deco  (Wayne Fox)
deco at moscow.com

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  Wayne et. al.

  I wonder what the heck is happening to people's memories, even John Kerry's?
Hans Blix and Scott Ritter, both critically involved in weapons inspections in
Iraq, did not think we needed to invade Iraq to contain Saddam.  Why did we not
give inspections and more peaceful methods of containment more time?  Why were
we led to believe that invasion was imperative, indeed, in the false misleading
manipulative words of W. Bush, that we faced a "mushroom cloud," a nuclear
strike originating from Iraq in the US, if we did not invade!?

  And as Wayne so accurately points out, if saving lives and the humanitarian
aim of deposing a dictator were the goals, why do we not show the same approach
to other areas of the world facing horrific brutality?  Oil resources of course
come first to mind.

  However, on the subject of Kerry's support for war in Iraq, we should consider
that he is shamelessly playing politics to steal Bush's image of tough military
patriotism.  I don't like it.  In fact, I have never liked Kerry that much
because he was one of the Democrats who voted to authorize Bush to have
authority to wage war in Iraq.

  But politics being what it is, as we all know, Kerry may be playing the phony
political game to the hilt.

  Am I willing to accept this game to gain the lesser of two evils?  Beam we
away, to the planet where honesty wins elections, somewhere it must exist...

  Ted Moffett
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