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Inna-Gadda-Davida thansen at moscow.com
Tue Aug 10 16:32:49 PDT 2004

Drat, Wayne! !

And next you will be telling us that Dan Carscallen doesn't even have horns 
growing out of his head.  No pitch-fork tail.

You're killing an image.  You know this, don't you, Wayne?

Tom "putting away my garlic cloves, wooden stakes, and silver bullets" Hansen

> Don, et al,
> Thank you for your post.
> We have two opinions being examined.  Both from Michaels.
> One backs his up with actual though selected video and facts.  The other backs
> his opinions up with, well, more of his opinions.
> Iraq did not attack us.  Japan did.  Further, it appears that Iraq was in no
> position to attack us, even if they desired to do so.  Hence, patriotism is
> really not an issue.  It is not a case of my country, right or wrong (or 
> right as in the case of WWII).  It is a case of my country, thank you for the
> right to ask questions and dissent before and when things go awry.
> We were defrauded into a war by the sitting president's tales of WMD's, Iraq-
> Kada collaboration, etc.  A dull sheep, let alone a president and his 
> intelligent advisers (and congress-persons), should have had enough brains to
> question the quality and sources of the intelligence that put us in this 
> (Oh, I forgot.  Bush went to Yale on a "legacy" admission.)  I do not agree 
> either Bush or Kerry that without an eminent threat to our or world security 
> a humanitarian crises of mammoth order, we are justified in going to war
> particularly before diplomatic options are fully attempted and no fruit has
> ripened.  The real cost of war in terms of human suffering and human
> brutalization/desensitization is so egregiously, terrifyingly high.
> While we try to fix a mess we have created in Iraq -- a mess likely to 
> for years with far more innocents dying than if Saddam were in power (latest
> news:  Iraq government [installed by us] may fail)  -- over a million African
> people may die at the hands of Arab/Muslims insurgents in the Sudan.  Why have
> we been so slow to even discuss some sort of intervention?  Wouldn't an 
> to alleviate the suffering and displacement of Africans for humanitarian 
> be far more easier to justify than our invasion of a cruel but hapless Iraq?
> (Oh, I forgot.  Oil has yet to be discovered in the Sudan and the
> oppressed/slaughtered are only a bunch of African Native Savages.  Pardon me,
> how could I be so stupid and narrow minded.)
> The most revealing and undeniable moments of Michael Moore's film are the
> minutes that elapsed after the president was first informed that the events of
> 9/11 had occurred -- he continued nonchalantly to spew inane dribble at 
> school children.  What was going on between those Dumbo-like ears during that 
> or so minutes?  This interlude of 7 or so minutes alone convinces me that Bush
> is unfit to lead our country.
> [To V 2020ers that do not know:  Dan and I are friends, but with sometimes 
> differing opinions.  Despite his occasionally being vilified in these posts, 
> is a very conscientious and loving parent, a thoughtful, reflective person, 
> possesses a keen sense of humor.]
> Wayne
> Art Deco  (Wayne Fox)
> deco at moscow.com

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