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I have no idea when he changed his mind about legacy college admissions. I can tell you that how I felt and KNEW that I KNEW some things at 20 was so far off the mark I am embarassed. I believe this happens as we grow up...older how ever you want to put it. Everyone changes their minds as time goes by even a president.
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  Tell us, Ms. Kraut.


  Was George Bush Jr. ALWAYS against "legacy" college admissions?  Even when he was admitted into the Yale graduate program with a 2.1 GPA as a legacy?


  And when cute little Jenna tells Daddy Dearest that she wants to go to Yale, will he still then be against legacies?


  And what of his Yale "Skull and Bones" buddies that are BIG TIME MAJOR contributors to his campaign.  Will they support his anti-legacy program.


  Or were these simply cute little sound bites intended for the ears of the minority.  Only time will tell.


  Until then, let's study our history books before Bush starts burning them.


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