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Mon Aug 9 00:21:29 PDT 2004

Tim et. al.

This is really a hoot!

I'll get up on any side of the bed you want if you will just read the dang 
nam Wall Street Journal article on Sandy Berger's "exoneration."  Then we can 
discuss this issue reasonably.  If you refuse to at least respond to my previous 
post exhorting you to "Do Your Home Work," which contains some detailed info 
from that article, I can only conclude you are not debating sincerely, and I 
am wasting my time.

If you think the Wall Street Journal is full of it on this issue, fine, tell 
me why!  But you have not made reference to the specific content of this 
article regarding the evidence it offers that contradicts your statements about the 
Berger investigation of document theft.

As for you finding it amusing that I suggest that democratic government is 
supposed to represent the people, including government funded media, I gave an 
example in Canada's CBC of government funded media that I think is an excellent 
news source.  No, I don't think the CBC represents Big Brother.  I think FOX 
news is much closer to that, and it is "private sector."  Why could 
totalitarian control not come from the corporate "private sector" agenda?

Can you respond to this contrast I just made between FOX news and the CBC?  
Perhaps this will offer a clue as to what bias you have towards public funded 
news vs. private sector news, if you do have a bias one way or the other.

I do not have an a priori bias one way or the other.  Depending on the 
circumstances, I rely on both private and public funded news sources.  And I think 
it healthy in any society to have a balanced mixture of public and private 
sector media.

What do you think of this approach?

Ted Moffett
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