[Vision2020] Plagiarism As It Is

Art Deco aka W. Fox deco at moscow.com
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Nick, Joan, et al,

It appears that Christ Church Cult Master Wilson is qualified to be the
anti-Christ on hubris and arrogant dishonesty alone.

With regard to the most fawning and profiting of his cultie minions:

"Those who worship common thieves and liars are most likely common thieves and
liars themselves."
    --Colonel Alberti

Theological implications:

"If God is so smart, why does he hire such bad help?"
    --Rita Mae Brown

Captain Kirker:  As certified spokesman for the Cult Master, what is the
official word on this documented plagiarism?  Does the cult also have a Doctrine
of Covenantal Plagiarism or does its Doctrine of Covenantal Gross Dishonesty
cover these actions?  Are the cult's Doctrines of Covenantal Asininity and
Cowardice also relevant here?

Captain, please enlighten the unworthy -- perhaps with another revealing cite
from the cult's minutes.  Thank you.


Art Deco  (Wayne Fox)
deco at moscow.com

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  Below you will find a letter that I have sent to local editors.  I will be
responding to Wilson's response on this Blogg later this morning.

  To the Editor:

  Bill Warren should not make judgments about books he has not read. In his
Daily News column (July 24-25), he states that Doug Wilson was not "wrong in his
interpretation of the empirical social conditions that existed" in Southern

  In their booklet "Southern Slavery As It Was," Wilson and his co-author Steve
Wilkins relied primarily on one source: R. W. Fogel's and S. L. Engerman's book
"Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Negro Slavery," which has been
widely criticized by historians of the South. Some assign it to their classes as
an exercise in how not to do history.

  We now know that Wilson and Wilkins not only relied heavily on this inaccurate
book, but they also copied long passages from it. These passages are highlighted
on facing pages and can be viewed at
www.tomandrodna.com/notonthepalouse/Plagiarism.htm. Plagiarism is theft of
intellectual property and is the academic equivalent of violating the 8th

  Wilson's plagiarism is worse than the student incidences that I have
experienced, because Wilson has made a profit on each copy of "Slavery As It
 Was" that he has sold from his own Canon Press. That means that Little & Brown,
Fogel and Engerman's publishers, could file charges against him.

  There will be a full page ad in this newspaper with a selection of the
plagiarized passages. I am collecting signatures of academics on the Palouse who
are willing to condemn this worst of all intellectual crimes. The texts and the
petition will be available at BookPeople in Moscow at a display entitled
"Plagiarism As It Is." The petition can also be found at

  Wilson is a former student of mine and I am sorely disappointed in the way in
which he has misused his academic training at the University of Idaho.

  Nick Gier, Moscow



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