[Vision2020] Local AWT model/actor "search"--caution

Tim Lohrmann timlohr at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 3 10:44:03 PDT 2004

      Local commercia radio has been full ads purchased by a company called AWT. AWT will be conducting what they call a model/actor "search" this week. 
      I believe one session is at Pullman on Thursday and one is in Lewiston tonight or tomorrow.
     Be very careful of this sort of model/actor "search." Most are probably aware that modeling/tanning talent searches have a "checkered" reputation at best.
   Unfortunately,  modeling/actor "searches" have a way of rapidly turning into a request for a large amount of cash for a photography package, representation fees, and etc.
    The bottom line is that you should be very suspicious if an agency asks you for money upfront. Legitimate agencies don't charge fees, but take a percentage of your actual earnings instead. 
    In other words if its legitimate, the agency has a stake in your success not just your money in exchange for a promise.

Tim L        
"If you're not paranoid, you're not paying attention."
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