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Carl Westberg carlwestberg846 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 3 07:26:55 PDT 2004

Regarding the alleged Christ Church minutes stating that "Doug Wilson 
reported that Paul Kimmel, in his role as County Commissioner, is open to 
oversight from the elders on certain issues", perhaps someone in the know 
could provide some clarification.  I'm willing to concede that there could 
be a perfectly benign explanation, and this is much ado about nothing.  But 
until such an explanation is made available, this is an issue that (again) 
raises a red flag.  One problem for someone who knowingly, willingly, and 
forcefully thrusts himself onto the public stage, as Mr. Wilson has done, is 
public scrutiny and criticism.  It's not all glitz and glamour being a 
public figure.  Off topic, it's been so hot lately, I hear that the cows are 
giving evaporated milk.                                                      
Carl Westberg Jr.

>From: "Jim Meyer" <m1e2y3e4 at moscow.com>
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>Subject: [Vision2020] conflict of interest
>Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 00:39:02 -0700
>In the conversations about Paul Kimmel and conflicts of interest, there
>seems to be some confusion about the difference between financial conflict
>of interest and ideological conflict of interest.
>Ideological conflict of interest that takes priority over the public good,
>though repulsive and dangerous in a public official is nonetheless legal. 
>is up to the interested voter to discern ideological conflict of interest,
>hopefully before the election. If ideological conflict of interest was
>illegal there would eventually be only one party and one ideology left...an
>unpleasant and undemocratic thought.
>Financial conflict of interest means that a public official has derived
>financial benefit as the result of decisions made during offical duties of
>office. I am not an attorney, but I suspect that the questions about Paul
>Kimmel revolve not around whether he is paid by Christ Church, but rather
>whether a reasonable person could conclude that payment affected his 
>to make an unbiased decision while being a BOE member, something that is
>probably difficult to prove except by establishing a pattern of behavior 
>sum of which overwhelmingly points to corruption. For this reason it
>surprises me that any decent investigation would look at only one specific
>instance of possible conflict (thus making the establishment of a pattern
>I agree, however, that he should resign if truly--The Christ Church minutes
>state, "Doug Wilson reported that Paul Kimmell, in his role as County
>Commissioner, is open to oversight from the elders on certain issues." 
>is if he has any respect at all for himself, his office, or the community.)
>Jim Meyer
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