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Hello Tom and All,

That's an especially lovely picture of my mother-in-law Rose (and I believe she strongly resembles the bird on her T-shirt) but the for the sake of ancestral harmony, I feel obliged to dive in here and point out that there is nothing in Rose's tax-toasting glass but plain, unadulterated Diet Coke.  No demon rum.  No Long Island iced tea.  No sneaky little nip of gin.  Just caffeine, bubbles, and Nutra Sweet.

I feel I must publicly announce this because our family now fears that we might soon be receiving a nocturnal visit from the ghost of Rose's Grandmother Amos, rattling her Women's Christian Temperance Union chains and asking if Rose means to disgrace the ten generations of teetotal Quakers who came before her.   

No, no Grandma Amos!  There's nothing but soda in that glass, we swear!  Sure, Rose smokes like a chimney, and she does tend to swear a bit, but she doesn't drink . . . oh, you didn't know about the smoking?  Or the swearing?  Oops.  Well, as Meatloaf said, two out of three ain't bad.  Now, back, back, I say, to that dry county corner of heaven!

Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment      
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Greetings Visionaires –
A congratulatory surprise party was held yesterday to honor Rosemary Huskey and Saundra Lund.  Although Rose and Saundra were quite surprised and pleased by the turnout, they simply did not have the time to thank each person individually for their part in accomplishing the first of what Rose and Saundra expect to be many forthcoming achievements forthcoming.
To pass on their gratitude . . .
Thank you all for a very very great party.
Tom Hansen
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