[Vision2020] Journalistic integrity

Gregory Dickison gdickison@moscow.com
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The Sunday Spokesman-Review also ran the DN story on Sunday - front page,
above the fold. It is bad enough that Alford & Bacharach ran with their
inaccurate story in the first place. But to let it run essentially unchanged
after two weeks of public debate and clarification is inexcusable. If I
expected anything else from newspapers, it might actually bother me.

At the same time, there is hope. In last Friday's Argonaut (of all places),
Katie Botkin and Cady Allred wrote a lengthy report on Collegiate Reformed
Fellowship meeting, which took place on campus last Wednesday. The were
obviously paying attention, taking good notes, and understood the issues.
Oh, well, There is still time. I'm sure their journalism teachers will beat
it out of them before they graduate.

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> Visionaries,
> Ambrose Bierce once defined ink as a "villainous compound of tanno-gallate
> of iron, gum-arabic and water, chiefly used to facilitate the infection of
> idiocy and promote intellectual crime."
> On Friday, The Idaho Statesman picked up the article which had previously
> run in the Daily News. They ran it with this by-line: "Pair to give their
> "biblical" defense of practice at U of I conference."
> 1. The conference is not on slavery. Never has been. The Daily News really
> needs to quit relying on anonymous flyers as part of their crackerjack
> reporting team. The savings in payroll are not really worth the
> 2. No, we are not going to give a defense of slavery at the conference.
> 3. It is not a U of I conference.
> 4. Having shouted their error on the front page, the Daily News had
> whispered a teeny correction later on. The Statesman must have missed it
> somehow.
> I would like to ask Nathan Alford to respond, or someone at the Daily
> Who is responsible for misrepresenting our history conference in this
> egregious way? What are you going to do about it?
> Cordially,
> Douglas Wilson
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