[Vision2020] Democrats Support of Racism/Slavery

Peter Willard petew@completebbs.com
Wed, 22 Oct 2003 19:31:30 -0700

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At 06:07 PM 10/22/03 -0700, Sunil Ramalingam wrote:
>And if my wife and I decide not to have any more children, it will be 
>because that darn self-loathing, inspired this time by Margaret Sanger, 
>prevents me from propogating like a salmon.  Wait, why am I letting my 
>wife form an opinion?  Is that Sanger's fault too?  When will she loosen 
>her grip on my decision-making process?  That vixen!

It is the fault of democracy! I trust your slaves remain steadfast!

"Demagogues expand its citizen body by allowing in those of illegitimate 
birth or born to only one citizen parent. If the rabble grow too numerous, 
they create disorder and can provoke the notable members of the population 
to resistance against the democracy. This type of democracy is made 
stronger by introducing institutions to mix everyone up together, as 
Cleisthenes did at Athens. This type of democracy promotes disorderly 
living, with a lack of control over women, children, and slaves, and a 
toleration for everyone living as he pleases, for the many prefer living 
like this to living with prudence and moderation."


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