[Vision2020] Slavery and War in Iraq

Thomas Hansen tomh@uidaho.edu
Wed, 15 Oct 2003 09:00:14 -0700

Thank you, Amy, for saying what must be said.

Free to be you and me,

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

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Very well said, Amy.  I believe you speak for many of us.




                                       Carl Westberg Jr.

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>I think there are a lot of us out here who are disturbed and concerned by 
>recent posts to the listserve.  Many people are not participating in the 
>debate, because it is such an endless word game, and because it's hard to 
>see any way to have real communication with the Douglas Wilson folks.
>Some of the horrible posts about having slaves were ill-humored pranks.  
>The rest--defending or redefining American slavery as an institution that 
>has been misunderstood by history--is ill-informed and dangerous rhetoric.

>Please don't take our silence as tacit approval, as many people simply do 
>not want to participate in the circular arguments with local 
>Northern Idaho has a history of struggles with extremist points of view, 
>and with ideologies that foster hatred--and violence--towards people of 
>color and gays and lesbians.  I haven't lived here long, but what I've seen

>here--especially on this list serve--made me research that history.  I 
>recommend some books:  "Hate Is My Neighbor" and "Blood In the Face."  I've

>leant them out, so don't have the authors/citations handy.  Also, the YWCA 
>in Lewiston is hosting a discussion about Bill Wassmuth on Oct. 29.  He was

>a local leader who worked to oppose groups promoting white supremacy and 
>hatred in the Northwest, especially in the Spokane-Coeur d'Alene area.
>I don't want to debate whether anyone is defending slavery or promoting 
>violence towards those of us who are gay or lesbian--and I won't debate.  I

>do believe, however, that many people on this list and in this community 
>want an inclusive, diverse and respectful community.  We have many 
>alternatives-both to Wilson's ideology and to endless debate.
>Amy Smoucha
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